Straightforward funding


Postmaster Sarah Draisey has praised the simplicity of the Community Fund application process after spending £10,000 creating a more “professional” branch.

Improved furniture, a revitalised exterior and a new retail counter has extended the services on offer at Sarah’s Shireoaks branch in Worksop.

Sarah was delighted to receive Community Fund support, particularly as it was such a simple process.

“The Community Fund was surprisingly easy to apply for,” she said. “I expected a lot of red tape and a lot of to-ing and fro-ing about what we could have, but we put together a business plan and was immediately told to go for it.

“We went ahead with the work and the Community Fund money appeared in our bank account straight away.

“We weren’t unrealistic in our approach, we asked for what we needed to make improvements and make it look better. In the small space we have it’s been brilliant for us.

“We spent our share of the Community Fund on new furniture for the front of the shop, including our main Post Office sign and the board which advertises the services we offer.

“Inside the branch we have a new counter for the lottery, sweets and cakes and have moved things around to create more space.

“Our branch looks so much better and more professional.”